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CyberLink releases People Tracker, using the latest in AI technology for greater surveillance and security

Tracker using the lastest in AI

CyberLink, a pioneer in AI and facial recognition technologies, has announced the People Tracker solution. Widely used in the fields of surveillance and  security, AI people tracking technology uses artificial intelligence to recognize and track the movements of individual subjects. Video search efficiency and investigation times are greatly improved, enhancing surveillance capabilities in tracking persons of interest, finding missing or lost people faster and overall security.

People Tracker expedites video investigations by combining three AI people tracking technologies.

Person attribute recognition

Deep learning extracts physical attribute information from image data (gender, age, clothing, and accessories). When an image isn’t available, known attributes can be set as search criteria.

Person re-identification

Using full-body images, people can be tracked in chronological order across multiple cameras based on their physical attributes – helping to expedite the search process.

Facial recognition

When a clear facial image is present, CyberLink’s AI facial recognition engine, FaceMe, improves search accuracy by identifying people through the recognition of their faces captured by cameras.

Applications for People Tracker

Any area with video surveillance can add People Tracker to improve speed and efficiency of video search and total security, but in areas with high foot traffic People Tracker can be crucial, particularly shopping malls, department stores, and sports stadiums. People Tracker is also an excellent tool for locating lost individuals. Hospitals may have lost and wandering patients due to head trauma, dementia, or medication side effects – People Tracker can help locate them faster. Residents at assisted living facilities may be disoriented with dementia or Alzheimer’s, People Track can help ensure they are found quickly to ensure proper ongoing care.

“People Tracker is an AI computer vision trifecta with superior recognition and computing powers,” said Dr. Jau Huang, Chairman and CEO of CyberLink. “Compatible with major VMS providers, People Tracker takes security and surveillance to the next level without the need for equipment upgrades or additional resources.”

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Axis Communications and Robotics Cats provide early wildfire detection to animal sanctuary

AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera and AXIS P1378-LE Network Camera together with RoboticsCats AI-Cloud wildfire detection SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) automatically sent alerts with smoke images to the staff of Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center (Big Tree) if any potential risk of wildfire is detected near the center. The staff can take timely action to save the animals if necessary.

Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center (Big Tree) is located in Kam Tin, a remote rural area in Hong Kong. The Center operates one of the largest animal sanctuaries in the city with more than 180 dogs and cats living in the center. Their mission is to advocate animal rights by protecting abandoned animals with shelters and care. The center is surrounded by hills and trees which faces high risks of wildfire especially during the period of Ching Ming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival.

On the late evening of 25 October 2020, a wildfire ignited the day before was spreading out and was just meters away from the center. Nearly 300 people heeded an online call for volunteers and rushed to rescue the animals in the center. Luckily, all animals were rescued and kept safe during the evacuation. But it highlighted for the need to have a solution to avoid this kind of incident from happening again in the future.

An early wildfire detection solution had been suggested to Big Tree. It included AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera and AXIS P1378-LE Network Camera together with RoboticsCats AI-Cloud wildfire detection SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Alerts with smoke images are automatically sent to the Big Tree staff members if there is a potential risk of wildfire. The staff can take timely action to save the animals if there is wildfire nearby.

Reliable surveillance around the clock

AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera is a reliable and robust network camera specially designed with high precision 360º pan, -/+90º tilt and long-range IR to cover wide and long-distance surveillance which is perfect to perform the 7/24 patrol monitoring 1 km surrounding the center. Guard tour can be performed or it can remotely control the direction and angle of the network camera according to the needs of the center. AXIS P1378-LE Network Camera provides 4K image quality surveillance around the clock on specific high risk area. The smoke can be detected as far as 7 km away from the center.

Automatic and efficient wildfire alert to staff for timely action

By setting the action rules in the two network cameras, the videos are transmitted to RoboticsCats AI-Cloud via 5G router regularly. If AI-Cloud detects potential wildfires, alerts and smoke images will be automatically sent to the Big Tree staff members with the ReportFires mobile app. The staff can take timely action to save the animals if there is wildfire nearby.

Robust operation under extreme weather conditions

Since both network cameras were installed in a remote outdoor area, it was important to minimize the maintenance need. “AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera is a heavy-duty network camera which can withstand winds up to 245 km/h. The vandal-resistant IK10-rated casing and IP66/IP68 ratings will protect the camera from harsh weather conditions and impacts. With built in wiper, the staff can remotely clean the network camera to ensure that useful images can be obtained even in heavy rain,” said Bede Lau, Key Account Manager at Axis Communications Hong Kong.

Excellent image quality regardless of light conditions

“Big Tree is surrounded by hills and trees and rarely has light during the night time. Both network cameras feature Axis Lightfinder technology which can deliver high-resolution, full color video even in near darkness. This technology can help recognize and identify potential wildfires in large open areas even in poor light or complete darkness,” said Peter Chiu, Senior Key Account Manager for Hong Kong, Macao and Mongolia.

“This early wildfire detection solution acts like a virtual security guard which provides non-stop surveillance for the center around the clock. The network cameras provide 24-hour patrol around the center. Although we cannot stay in the center throughout the day, we can still feel safe and secure by this remote and proactive monitoring solution,” said Jojo Chan, Volunteer, Big Tree Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center. Big Tree can now be monitored remotely and more efficiently detect the potential risk of wildfire 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, keeping the animals safe and secure in the center.